Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making a Choice of Blessings!

A beautiful choice of many blessings! What's your choice and how do you feel about it?

As the next video from Mormon Messages states:

Moments are the molecules that make up eternity (Neal A. Maxwell). 

It's not so much the major events as the small day-to-day decisions that map the course of our living. (Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley) 

We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes and truly see the things that matter most. 

Strength comes not from frantic activity but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and light, it comes from paying attention to the divine things that matter most.

Diligently doing the things that matter most will lead us to the Savior of the world.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Elder Jepsen is Going on a Mission

Elder Lee Jepsen came home off his mission March 31st 2011 and was released as planned!

Lee went to the the Copenhagen Temple and married a sweet Spanish girl on Canada Day 2011, also known as July 1st.

Now, everything is about to change. Another Elder Jepsen received his calling to serve on a mission. Lee's other brother Eric just received his calling today and is planning to be checking into the Provo MTC on his Canadian Grandmother's birthday, also known as December 6th (2011). In retrospect, it now takes a little longer for a US visa to be precessed than it did in the past and we experienced a delay in Elder Jepsen's plans. The date of departure for the US was postponed, giving Elder Jepsen an opportunity to serve a portion of his mission in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission before going entering the MTC.

Eric will be serving in the Washington Spokane Mission (the State in the US closest to his Canadian birthplace--British Columbia, Canada). 

As the green area on the map indicates, this mission covers portions of Washington, Idaho, Montana and a small corner of British Columbia, Canada.

Spokane Washington Temple, erected 1999

The Washington Spokane Mission includes the following Stakes:

Coeur D'Alene Idaho
Colville Washington
Ephrata Washington
Hayden Lake Idaho
Lewiston Idaho
Moscow Idaho University
Moses Lake Washington
Othello Washington
Moscow Idaho
Sandpoint Idaho
Spokane Washington
Spokane Washington East
Spokane Washington North
Spokane Washington Valley
Spokane Washington West

Wenatchee Washington

President and Sister Palmer
The Washington Spokane Mission President S. Mark Palmer and Sister Jacqueline Ann Wood Palmer, of the Barton Creek Ward in the Austin Texas Oak Hills Stake, began their mission back in 2009 and will be serving until 2012.

Brother Palmer was Born in Te Puke, New Zealand and has in the past served as a stake president and counselor, bishop and counselor, high councilor, high priest group leader and missionary in the New Zealand Wellington Mission.

Sister Palmer was born in Rochdale, England and has in the past served as a counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, ward Young Women president, ward Relief Society teacher, seminary teacher and missionary in the Spain Barcelona Mission. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lee Jepsen & Ximena Peredo Married Today on CANADA DAY!

We are pleased 
(well, thrilled actually) 
to announce the 
marriage of our son 

Lee Jepsen 
Ximena Peredo 


July 1st 2011 at 1:30 PM 
local Danish time.

The marriage took place at a temple of 

The Church of Jesus Christ 
Latter-Day Saints 

located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

We wish to thank you all for the attention at our sons wedding and following receptions in Esbjerg, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. 

All messages and greetings sent to the blog will be forwarded to Lee and Ximena ASAP. They send their greetings to you all, thanking you for your patient support, friendship, and kinship (XL greetings)!

Lee's brother (Eric) is currently waiting to hear what the latest news about his upcoming mission might be. The applicable papers are submitted and we might know further details already a couple of weeks from now. Updates will follow on the blog.

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