Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elder Jepsen - Every Choice We Make in Life Takes Us Closer to Something... Good or Bad

Thank you for your reassuring mail. Since I began my mission, my appreciation and love towards you, my parents, has grown and deepened. I really love you two and our whole family.

My companion is everything that I could hope for in a missionary companion. He understands his purpose and is very well aware of the limited time we have as missionaries. Two years isn't much when you consider the task but he's focused, dedicated and earnest and that goes a long way. We work hard, the accomplishment feels good, I have been able to feel the Spirit to a much greater extent and my love for the work has grown to new dimensions.

With the right attitude, purpose and intention, a lot of the obstacles in the work disappears and I feel much more prepared for the task at hand. The work doesn't get any easier but you get more done and it becomes much more satisfying to serve as a missionary. We have a lot of people to see and many of them could really benefit from the peace and perspective that can be found in abiding to the words of direction found in the gospel.

We have some good people here amidst trouble and struggle. I see people and situations that are  difficult. Many are victims of other people's decisions without any fault of their own. None of us can account for other people's choices and other people's choices can sometimes have consequences that spread pain like rings in the water. I also am fortunate in seeing, how good choices has helped many maintain some degree of peace and happiness, even in times of trouble and without some of the luxuries that so many consider essential.

Everybody has a different name for it, some call it conscience while others call it karma but it really all comes down to this: Every choice we make in life takes us closer to something! There are two opposing forces in our lives, good and bad. Everything good comes from God and everything bad comes from Satan. Every choice we make in life will draw us in one direction or the other, and where you go will to a large extent determine who or what you find right next to you. Choose the right, because opposites don't really attract in life! Who you are and who you choose to be determines the circle of people, circumstances and opportunities around you, it's your choice.

Going on a mission is by far the very best and hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life and it doesn't seem to get any easier, as my perspective opens up to the true dimensions of the task.

It's begun snowing here and it's snowing again today. I'm really enjoying the colder weather, except I really want to get some UnderArmor thermals. They're the only way to go, they're still a little pricey but I should be able to get them soon.

I'm very sorry about Grandma's health but she sure is a fighter. I've been praying for you every day as well as for friends and family, that they stay strong and protected.

I'm going to have to get going but I sure do love you two very much!

Elder Jepsen

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elder Jepsen - Listening to That Inner Voice

How are you all? Everything here is great! I'm sorry for not ever really being able to tell you much about everything but I never really get very much time.

I was transferred out because another Elder, who had been serving here while awaiting the approval of his visa, had his visa approved and he's off to Jamaica. Leaving a well functioning area where things were going very well, I'm grateful to see when hard work pays off. The initial two baptismal preparations had doubled to four and I am happy for them, they are good people and it's good to see what the gospel can do for good people. They were well prepared when I left and with the great missionaries taking over, they'll be in good hands.

The missionaries here live in a house, there is five of us here. Good fun! I'm serving with Elder Monson and no, he's not related to President Monson. The area here is quite different from where I've served in the past but I love it. I've had one of the best weeks of my mission. I feel a little like the Lord had given me a big load to carry early on and as it's been lifted, I'm more prepared and ready for what is to come.

I love being a missionary and I'm grateful to be here. It's good to see the results of what I do. The gospel is so very straight forward, the principles are good, sound teachings and if honestly applied with sincerity, they will be the basis for a happier life. Sure, problems don't go away because of the gospel but you get through things with a cleaner conscience and feeling better, than without it. It just makes so much sense and I simply share what I know to be good principles to live by, as they were taught to me and I've seen them work. Then, as people are reminded once again how to listen to that inner voice and begin to recognize it as the Holy Spirit, they are lifted and their burdens lightened. I love the gospel.

I love you all!

Elder Jepsen

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