Monday, February 4, 2013

Elder Jepsen - It's a Good Thing!

Thank you for all your prayers. Know that my prayers are with you, always! I love you guys. 

This week we have been blessed with so much to do. The work is going well and it's been very humbling. We currently have a lot of people preparing for baptism and seeing people change, as they acquire the teachings of God and apply them in their lives, is like seeing miracle after miracle all around me. I love being a missionary, it's a privilege and very gratifying experience, it makes me want to be a better person, that I may be more for others. 

I love the gospel, for everything that it teaches me and so many others. Living by the altruistic principles taught throughout the scriptures and by the leaders in the church really helps avoid many of the pitfalls and difficulties in life. I have only lived a few years yet and my limited life experience doesn't give me as much to draw on but I see the principles that I aim to live by, changing people's lives and easing their trials. Feasting on the gospel is feasting on life itself. It's a good thing! 

Thank you, Mom and Dad! Thank you for raising me with the necessary principles to allow me the privilege, that I could prepare for and be a part of this great work. It's a truly magnificent experience. 

Love you, 
Elder Jepsen 

God is real, believe it!

Some might say "If there is a God why doesn't He take away all pain, injustice and suffering?" 

In my experience God has helped me through my pain, eased my suffering and encouraged me when I couldn't look up, or even stand! Without God in my life I would have given up long ago. I'd no longer be able to enjoy the company of good people around me, the light, smiles and laughter coming to me from good friends and family, that God has blessed me to know. 

That's why I know that God lives, He helps me swim, though the water might be be cold and keeps me up when I would let go, flounder and sink. God is real, believe it, I do! 

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