Monday, December 21, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 40 - Merry Christmas to you all!

Thank you for all the mail. It's been wonderful and I feel both spoiled and appreciated. It's good to know that I have all your love and prayers with me and it warms the heart nicely on days when the cold bites to the bone. I really try to do my best, knowing that you're all with me here on my mission. For the weather update, the coldest temperature we've had so far is -22° Celsius or -7.6° Fahrenheit (that's NOT counting windchill and Lake Superior gives the wind a LONG flat stretch to pick up speed).

I feel so privileged and grateful to be here on my mission at a time of year when many parts of the world are celebrating the birth of our Saviour. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate the Saviour's birthday than sharing His message. Everywhere people seem to be rushing around to find gifts for each other, or wondering what they are going to get. Yet, I wonder if Jesus really likes His birthday and is He happy with His share in all the presents? If I had a birthday party and all the guests just gave presents to each other and none to me, I would be disappointed. But, mostly people are happy and cheerful and it's a good time of year for reminding people that Jesus is the Christ, that He lives and that's worth celebrating.

When I was first transferred to Thunder Bay I was told by other missionaries that an average Thunder Bay turn around usually is six months. While I kept thinking that I might get transferred sooner, when I heard of other transfers in the mission. I was wrong and I have now been informed that am definitely staying in Thunder Bay for another seven weeks. I WILL then be transferred to somewhere else in the mission, and I will have been in Canada for six months and on my mission nine months. Not that I am counting, I like it here and time flies by far too fast. There is so much to do and just not enough time.

We are allowed one phone call home to family at Christmas and I expect to be making my Christmas call around 10 AM, Thunder Bay time on the December 25. but double check the time difference, PLEASE? It might take me some time to find my Skype info again, but what I can do is log on my MSN account and Eric can log on his to sort it out, and we can work it that way. Is your audio working?

I love you all and stuff. Take care and have a Merry Christmas! I don't have much time, gotta go! Sorry about the short mail this week. But I'll try to make up for it when I call for Christmas.

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Jepsen... in a Christmas'y mood!

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