Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elder Jepsen - The Sequel

Another Elder Jepsen mission is under way, although it's difficult to imagine God blessing us again so soon. The best we can do is try to grasp just a fraction of all the blessings that just kept pouring in before, during and after Lee's mission.

There were difficulties, obstacles and trials right from the beginning of the first preparations for Lee's mission but every step of the way the Lord has shown us a way through what otherwise looked impossible and we are all grateful that he was blessed to go on a mission. Coming home, Lee had an appointment with the school that he plans to begin attending in August, already two days after his return and he is wasting no time in preparing for life after a mission. He impressed us while on his mission with his dedication to finding and teaching those most eager to hear the message of the gospel. He continues to impress us after his mission, as it becomes obvious to us that a mission truly has shaped him into a man of great worth. I simply can't describe how great that makes us feel as parents.

While we are still smiling ear to ear over Lee's return home, we are informed that preparations already are under way for the sequel: The youngest of our children (Eric) has just finished the initial requirements necessary in preparation for submitting his papers and hopes to submit his papers by May 2011 when he expects to have the last bit of money saved. Vaccinations and dental have begun, he is still missing one more vaccination and the removal of the last stubborn wisdom-tooth. Esbjerg congregation has contributed a nice set of luggage. Another adventure is about to begin and we are all feeling more blessed than we could ever hope for!

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