Monday, August 15, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Thank you God for blessing my son, his new wife and our family

He's home, he's released and he's happily married but I came across this comment in the blog and it warmed my heart all over again. I can't help being reminded that it really was all worth it and how great a feeling it is when others feel the same way. Missionary work is truly a great blessing to our youth and all the rest of us!

Jan 14th 2011, a comment was made a comment on "Minnesota Minneapolis Mission Update" that I think gives credit not only to Elder Jepsen and the Spirit in missionary work but also the many people behind the scenes making it all possible. Thank you to all of you, I hope and pray that Elder Jepsen earned his place in the mission field:

I just returned from my mission in Minneapolis. I was in the MTC with Elder Jepsen, I think I met him his first day there. I only served near him once in the field though, the transfer he trained an Elder from Finland. He's an extraordinary missionary, well respected, loved by his fellow missionaries and by the people of Minnesota. Thanks so much for sending him on a mission. He was a great example to me.
- Martha Harper (returned Sister missionary from the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission)

Thank you to all of you many wonderful people that made it possible that my sons could go on a mission. Thank you for support and thank you for being there. Thank you to Mission President and Sister Howell, thank you to the many missionaries of the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, thank you to the wonderful members of the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, thank you to all the people writing and supporting him while out there without whom it would not have possible, thank you to friends and family everywhere and thank you God for blessing our son with faith and spiritual knowledge, thank you God for letting our son be instrumental in helping people's lives find faith and strength in you as Elder Jepsen has done so many times before, thank you God for keeping and returning him back home safely, thank you God for blessing my son, his new wife and our family, these are the things that matter most. Thank you!

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