Sunday, January 15, 2012

Elder Jepsen Goes to Sonderborg

Esbjerg is located to the far West. Copenhagen (København) is in the far East, showing the entire width of Denmark, if you don't count The Faroe Islands and Greenland. Sonderborg (Sønderborg) is in the lower left quarter of the map.
Regrettably, we don't have a weekly note from Elder Jepsen to share with you this week. 

A mission is a labor of love, faith and service to God and we are grateful to once again have a son on a mission. We appreciate when we hear from him and continue to remain grateful, even on the days when we don't hear from him. 

According to a reliable source, Elder Jepsen will be been transferred to Sonderborg (see the above map) as of January 17th. But, soon the US visa will be processed and another transfer is coming up.

Please, look for future updates to be posted on the blog. We'll pass them on as soon as we receive them.

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