Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elder Jepsen - Seek God in Honest Prayer, Faith and an Open Heart

I've been assigned to work with Elder Taylor, a great missionary from Yuma, Arizona, where heat is found in abundance. Elder Taylor finds it pretty cold up here compared to his home state, whereas for me--well, I'm dying in the heat already. I find it quite warm here compared to Denmark but I'm sure I'll adjust to the new climate. A fellow missionary kindly donated a short sleeved shirt for me to use, which has helped. Coming from Denmark I had never seen the need and didn't own a single short sleeved white shirt.

We had a great week. We haven't been able to find very many people to teach but I thoroughly enjoy being able to focus all of my attention on serving the Lord as a missionary.

I have been preparing to go on a mission for a very long time. It took me a while to save up enough to go on a mission, it's worth a lot to me to be here and I am grateful that I can serve. There is a lot of good people in our area. If I can just find those prepared to hear our message, read the Bible and The Book of Mormon, seek God in honest prayer, faith and an open heart--well, He would hear their prayer and what more could I ask? If people would only do those few things, we would not be able to build chapels fast enough. But, the fact that it takes time and effort to find these good people will help me put things in perspective, help remind me of their worth to God and how highly the Lord regards the people that He lets us find and teach. 

I think if people could see the potential that God sees in them, they would be confident, happy and successful, a lot less people would be doubting themselves, their abilities and worth. Stress, anxiety and depressions would be greatly reduced and more people would find peace in the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Not a lot is required from us to make God a part of our lives. When we draw nearer to God, the fine whisperings of His Spirit isn't drowned out as easily by all the other things we have going on in  our lives. To draw nearer to God we must search the scriptures prayerfully and honestly approach our Heavenly Father in faith and humility. Seeking a better understanding of what God has in mind for us, will help clarify our priorities in life and make it easier for us to make those big important choices in life. 

It's so easy and yet it is so hard for so many people, because it all comes down to making choices. I wish I could help more people find the Lord and see a way though life, just like it has helped me but I have to find them first and they have to stand still long enough to listen and hear the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit! So many people are busy doing what they think is required and expected of them, that I think they forget their actual needs. 

I pray that I can become a teaching missionary, spending the short time of a mission on building memories with people who honestly are seeking to make God a part of their lives. But, I am certain that as we continue to do our best, the Lord will bless us in our search when we are ready.

Love you,
Elder Jepsen

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