Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elder Jepsen - From Half Way Around the World to Where I Was Born?

Going out on a mission usually does not mean going home but this is very nearly the case. I have really enjoyed my time in Pullman, Washington but I'm off to Grand Forks, BC, Canada, only 135km/84 miles from my birthplace! I have come here to serve, as a missionary from half way around the world and like a salmon (Canadian Salmon) I almost return to where I began, the world is getting smaller every day. 

Working with Elder Hsieh was a privilege and I learned a lot from him. I'll miss his insight, experience and working with the Chinese people but one thing is certain on a mission and that is transfers, there'll always be another one. I learned to appreciate Elder Hsieh, he's a good man, a good missionary and I'll miss him.

I am grateful to be able to serve a mission, to be here, and to the best of my ability be an instrument in the hands of God, in bringing His teachings to those who want to hear, learn and do. 

Time on a mission is in short supply, as the two short years duration of a mission turns out to speed by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Dad warned me, this was going to happen but it's hard to imagine how fast time flies until you're here. I just began my mission, it's almost over and I'm just beginning to catch on but God is there always and I can trust that He'll be there for all these people that I have met and taught so far, long after I am gone. 

I know that I'm not indispensable and I have met many great missionaries, much better at this than I but I can contribute where I go, and hope to make the best small difference that I can. 

I don't bring much beyond my time and effort but I hope and pray to bring enough of the Lord's Spirit and my testimony, that I know this gospel to be true, that God lives and is here for us, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I pray that those spiritually prepared to hear it, will recognise it for what it is and act on it.

The gospel is true and I know it

Love you guys,
Elder Jepsen

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