Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 57 - Testimony of the Book of Mormon and Blessings (well, Computers) Falling From Heaven!

Yes, it is my birthday and it's weird! I just don't feel my age, but then how am I to know what this age feels like--I have never been this age, before now!

Thanks Eric, for your awesome mail! It was nice to get updated.

I received Grandma's package today, with all kinds of good stuff! Thank you, Grandma--I will be sending you a thank-you letter as soon as possible.

Could you please send me Paul's address? He is ahead of me by two cards now and I need to reply, SOON.

We had a great experience this week. A native American that we teach, is a friend of the most fabulous member-missionary alive. He's been interested in the church for many years and when we met with him the first time we explained some things, showed him the video of the restoration, and bore testimony of and gave him a Book of Mormon. The Spirit was there and testified with such undeniable strength, that it was very nearly overwhelming. The truth of what we were teaching was verified, as fast as we could teach. Everyone there knew without a doubt that were teaching in accordance with what God wanted this man to know. It was an amazing experience!

If people are prepared to listen, read and apply the contents of the Book of Mormon together with the Bible, their lives are bound to change for the better. You almost don't have to teach if only people will read, pray and apply the principles learned through a study of the Book of Mormon, it's a GREAT teaching tool.

After sensing the immense power in the Spirit he began to think of the possibilities. With a grandnephew in the hospital, Sister Hill had been teaching him about blessings (behind our backs) and he soon saw the potential in this. After obtaining the appropriate permissions the very next day, we are off to St. Paul's Hospital with him and Sister Hill to administer a blessing. He found the experience beautiful and loved it. He felt the spirit strongly there as well and we are now teaching both him and his wife.

Apropos St. Paul's Hospital, now for something completely different: The sky is not falling, but a little boy was nevertheless nearly nailed by a fly-by-laptop computer here in Minneapolis this last week. A nice laptop computer dropped from the sky and was in perfect working order until it blew to pieces on the asphalt one foot ahead of a young boy, that suddenly had something for next day's show-and-tell in school. A hospital helicopter had accidentally dropped the computer on the way back to the hospital. The boy lived to tell the tale, the hospital apologized and everyone went back to just another day in Minneapolis.

Last weekend we were supposed to baptize one of the people we have teaching, but through some hard effort and praying we ended up correlating our plans with God first. Our planned baptism (prospective member) is an amazing person and has changed immensely since we met her the first time. Embracing the gospel has brought her so much happiness and she is now going to be baptized in the Singles Congregation and attend there. Initially she didn't seem to feel comfortable with the idea, but I think the Spirit has helped her to make a good choice.

I had the privilege to baptize a young boy from the congregation this last weekend. He was the last in the family to be baptized and it was a very special and beautiful experience to be able to assist the family in performing this sacred ordinance. We were also able to bring one of the people we teach to the baptism. She was happy to see how a baptism is performed and enjoyed the beauty of it as well. Baptisms always bring back the memories of my own baptism, back when I was eight--in the cold waters of Lillebelt (Little Belt Sound) ... ah, good times.

So we've been biking around alot, and my rosy cheeks are getting all kinds of comments and compliments. Most people see it as sunburn, but you know--my cheeks love any weather and that's just how they weather when I bicycle a lot.

I have to be going. Missionary life is calling, and so is a spring cleaning of our apartment.

Love you all!
Elder Jepsen

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