Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 55 - A Spiritually Strengthening Experience!

I feel all recharged after attending General Conference (even if by-satellite, as always--but the message as strong as ever). It was a not only informative, but a spiritually strengthening experience!

I learned so much from listening carefully and taking notes of what the brethren said. I particularly found it interesting to hear from Elder Neil L. Anderson toward the end, that the talks were not written or organized with a collaborative effort amongst the brethren. Each talk at General Conference is prepared and spoken on what the speaker themselves have felt inspired to speak on. I found this to be a very fascinating piece of info, as I thought they received assignments from the First Presidency, but apparently this is not so!

I was also impressed as Elder Rasband of the Seventy was recounting the sacred experience of how missionaries are called. He told of a particular incident where the spirit inspired both President Eyring and Elder Rasband that this one particular Elder needed to go to Sapporo, Japan. It gave me great comfort to learn this, and strengthened me to know that I am not in Minnesota by chance, but I have been appointed this area of stewardship by inspiration!

This week has been a bit slow. We'd been inviting a lot of people to conference, but NONE of them came! What's THAT all about, mind-boggling, I tell ya! Not wanting to dwell on the past, we found a couple of new people after Conference that looks promising, so that´s nice.

Elder Noffsinger and I realized last night that the upcoming Zone Conference this week, was going to be his last. We had a laugh followed by an awkward silence, where we both were "Trunking out" a little... But, as much as I tried I honestly couldn't imagine my last zone conference. It just seems too far away to be for real. I can't even think that far ahead right now as so much is happening here and now. But, being a missionary's last companion is weird, it does serve to remind me of the finite nature of a mission. But not one to dwell on the future, now I can't wait to train a "Greenie," so I can recover from this "highly traumatic experience." No worries, I love it here!

It's nice to know that Paul now has my busted camera to be repaired, thank you. I really miss having a camera, stupid me!

Love you all,
Elder Jepsen.

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