Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 59 - Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

This is my new companion, Elder Harbor. GREAT missionary!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! YOU'RE GREAT, thank you for still trying after all these years of our mischief. I hope you know and are reminded how much we children (and Dad, I know) appreciate you as just one lonely little day is scheduled to celebrate all your hard work over the years (I know, the balance is ridiculous) but, I love you for all you have done for me. In my calender EVERY day is Mother's day and Father's day.

This week was over the top! Once again I got one of the best Elders in the mission for a companion. I am blessed to be surrounded with the best missionaries and leaders that I can constantly look up to and learn from. My new companion is Elder Harbor (pictured with Minneapolis in the background and a bicycle helmet in the foreground) and he is an amazing and awesome missionary! It's his birthday today and he's from South Carolina. He goes home in six weeks, is a hardworking Elder, has a great sense of humor and would have been great fun to work with for longer than just the few weeks he has left.

I mentioned a family a while back... and they're all getting baptized, three generations worth! I am grateful just to be here, serving God and be a part of all this. I am being blessed beyond what I can contain or express. Everybody that we've been teaching in that family have shown great faith and an amazing willingness to change. So far, six people are scheduled for baptism and more are on the way. I don't really have a total number to give you, as it keeps growing and they have invited their friends as well but it seems that it might be around fifteen people. We can of course not take any credit, as this really happens between these people and God, who had prepared them to hear the truth. They love the gospel, their parents love the gospel and the grandparents love the gospel. When they all attended church last Sunday they summed up the experience to be unlike anything they had ever experienced before and they really felt God's Spirit there. They can't wait for the next Sunday and I keep expecting to wake up and find out that I was just dreaming it all!

I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to meet and get to know this family and see them change and grow as they begin to recognize God's Spirit in their lives. I am grateful and humbled as well to know that my Father in heaven has entrusted me with teaching the gospel to such a wonderful family.

Grateful to be here. Love y'all,

Elder Jepsen

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