Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 75 - I Felt Like I Had Witnessed a Miracle

It's great news hear that the reception went well and I am so happy for Brittany and Paul (all the best to you two).

I really enjoyed the story about Dad in the Hospital lobby helping that little old lady. I would so very much like to have seen Dad in his motorcycle gear carrying a big full-face helmet all while taking the little old lady's walker out of the Hospital after having first helped her (together with any reasonable excuse or explanation) out of the Hospital in her wheel chair. Dad has always been ready to help wherever needed to the best of his ability. I know his back isn't doing well and that impedes his walking, but to see him "using" a walker all through the Hospital lobby would have been such a laugh. There is just something about Dad isn't there? I sure love you, Dad! :-)

This week has been amazing! Early in the week I had to attend some training sessions at the Mission Office in Bloomington, requiring me to stay overnight in my old area and I met up with my last companion (and first trainee). I had the opportunity to see some of the people I knew from when I was there last. It turned out that they had some questions and concerns and with the help of the Holy Ghost we reviewed the purpose for the Church and our part in it all. I felt like I had witnessed a miracle as they clearly understood much more than the few words coming from me. It is amazing what can be accomplished when working with the Holy Ghost. I found out later that the missionaries in the area had fasted and prayed for these people in concern and worry. I am grateful that the Lord could use me for the job and would allow me there while He did the work.

This new area has its challenges. It's harder than usual to remember places and names, and I am struggling with knowing how to work in such a different environment than I'm used to from working in Minneapolis. But I am determined to do my best. Our President and his assistants have expressed great confidence in the inspiration that prompted him to send me here and told me that he's counting on me. That is a very big responsibility and I hope I can live up to his and the Lord's expectations. While this assignment doesn't appear straight forward and easy, I am quite sure the Lord will give me some directions and tools to work with along the way.

I don't have to much time to write much more. The training took up part of my week but, you know--there is still mail, groceries, laundry. It's not all missionary work, although necessary.

I love y'all, you're amazing!

Elder Jepsen

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