Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Man Down," "Semper Fi?"

The United States Marine Corps has a most noble creed to live by. The latin "Semper Fidelis" or more the commonly used "Semper Fi" translates to "Always Faithful" or "Always Loyal" and demands unlimited amounts of respect among anyone who can understand the full meaning behind this.

Perhaps the reason for such copious amounts of respect for this idea of a constant faithfulness and/or loyalty, is that this is very difficult to live by and therefore mostly found in short supply. Perhaps to lower the pedestal and make the concept more within our reach, us non-Marines might encumber it with a heap of conditions. But, this does not bring us closer to being "Semper Fi," it only dilutes an otherwise worthwhile ideal. Always means "Without Exception" but is that possible? I believe it could be, at our choosing.

I would like to be more faithful and more loyal. Although not absent of these qualities: I am faithful and loyal to my wife but that's easy because I love her; She has has made my life a better place and I'm grateful to God for allowing me such a great blessing. What about all the other people? Do my friends and family consider me always faithful and always loyal to them? I am not qualified to answer that but wouldn't we all like to think of ourselves as holding within us the qualities of "Semper Fi?"

What if we could all know that if anybody ever asked our friends and family, one of the first things said about us would be "Always Faithful" Always Loyal," someone to be counted on to never leave anyone behind and never to ignore a "Man Down" call.

When someone in our reach falls for any reason and we metaphorically have the equivalent of a "Man Down" call,  are we there to catch them, brace their fall and help them up when they loose their footing? Standing together we are all stronger when facing life but are we "Semper Fi?"

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