Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elder Jepsen - God gives me peace, balance and purpose

I love life as a missionary. There is so much to do and now after having been a missionary for almost nineteen months there is still so much to learn as I am just beginning to get some perspective on the true meaning of an infinite learning curve. As a District Leader I appreciate the efforts and hard work of missionaries in the district and benefit greatly from hearing their stories of both failures and success and I can relate, because all missionaries experience both ups and downs many times during their missions. They are good, experienced missionaries that I can rely on, trust to do their part and they make our district great. 

I have some good people to look up to in the Washington Spokane Mission. Our leaders are great and I have a great appreciation for our Mission President, he is truly amazing and I couldn't wish for any better. He's a good man and I support his leadership. 
We've had to do a lot of finding in our area this last little while, as many of the people we were teaching have turned us down. It's helpful and inspiring in times like this to remember that when one door closes, others often open. As long as we keep doing our part, God will help us find the people that seeks Him, that He has prepared for us to teach. 

We are here to teach and there is a lot of people seeking the peace and balance that God has to offer, although sometimes they might be unaware that what they are seeking comes from God. But, with preparation, prayer, God's help and an open heart, we will find them and help them find that peace and balance again. 

That's why I love what I do and why I find it rewarding, even on days where the obstacles seem to dominate my view. God gives me peace, balance and purpose and there is no greater moment than when I experience others make that same discovery for themselves. 

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