Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's God All About and How Do I Know For Myself

God is there, regardless of what you and I believe but it's far too important a subject to base on the beliefs, convictions or words of other people. Even worse than the convictions of other people could be your own preconceived notions. There's a lot of differing opinions on the subject of God, and among it all there's the truth but how do I know and what do I do when I find out? 

The truth about God will continue to exist, even if we ignore it--but is that really what you want to do? The responsibility remains whether we choose to ignore the truth, or act on it. Consciously ignoring the truth will change everything from that moment in time, acting on the truth will also change everything but only you can decide the direction of your changes and only you will know the feeling you're left with in your heart, after deciding. Find out the truth and you'll have to act on it, act on it and everything takes on a new perspective. 

Beliefs are important but my beliefs are of little consequence to anybody else but me and although I have been blessed to know for myself that God lives, cares and does answer prayers, I can't give that conviction to anybody else. I can try to convert some of my feelings into words but words are a poor match for something this great. Nothing I can say will do my personal knowledge any justice or truly share what's in my heart, because I myself am nothing more than a person with nothing more than words and their unfortunate limitations.

I could try and share some of my reasons, some of the history of how all this came to be available to people like you and me, or some of the events that brought this into my life. I could even share some of the great miracles that has happened consequent to my seeking divine intervention on the behalf others, I could share some of the events that you would call impossible but that is not how it works. The way it works is that you might hear something that might interest you, it might seem right and you might think that it should be right. If it is right and you indeed want to know, your whole world could change and this makes it of paramount importance but you must first open your heart. 

I have witnessed God answer sincere and honest prayer and know that only God and I share the greatness of those moments, because no words can express such an experience with sufficient impact and power; no words will give you a sufficient foundation to believe it and know it, the way I believe and know this to be true. 

Learning to pray is a process but anybody can do it, learning to listen to the Holy Spirit is a matter of preparation and you must be prepared to accept and act on an answer. Often, an answer to prayer can be found in the scriptures and the Holy Spirit will help you recognise this. A wise man and man of God once said that if you want to talk to God, pray, and if you want answers, read the scriptures.

It comes to this: If you want to know about God, seek Him. If you want to know how God operates, read what He has done; If you are ready to pray and ready for an answer, ready to accept truth and live by it then do so. 

If you want to know if God is there for you, if He can and will answer prayer, ask Him! It's all true but if you want to know for yourself ask God in sincerity, honestly and with an open heart and you can know too. 

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