Monday, June 14, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 65 - I Just Love Being a Missionary!

I was assigned a new companion this week and he is awesome! His name is Elder Kenneth Lutes and we get along really well together.

We've already experienced a lot of miracles together and we've been truly blessed. Last Saturday, we dropped by a woman that we had briefly met before. We were teaching her about the Restoration when in comes her niece and says "Mormons!" after which we cheerfully reply "Yup. And we're in your house, ain't that something?" She replied in excitement that she actually was a member that had been less active for a long time. I felt like yelling out "Surprise!" but we hadn't really arranged this, we were just teaching the gospel like we always do (not expecting a "Teach-one-bring-two-to-Church-deal)". Blessings come when you least expect it!

Another very similar incident happened out of nowhere. A family we had been working with brought one of their friends to church, he goes home tells his family and suddenly we are now teaching one more family. Like I have said before: Blessings... well, there's no telling when or where!

I just love being a missionary!

We chose to bicycle to Zone Conference in perhaps NOT one our more inspired moments. We were already well underway and committed, when it began pouring with farmers blessings. We are not farmers and didn't really need this at this particular time. Arriving at Zone-Conference, we looked like a pair of drowned mice or wet dogs (your choice), drenched to the bone, everybody looking at us amazed and bewildered that we had biked the whole way... in pouring rain! Soon we were the heroes (felt more like fools, but... ) of the day. Somehow everybody thought that we were pretty cool after that. Even our Mission President was impressed.

All is good and we are well. I hope everything works out for you all at home! I pray for you all the time! I love you!

Elder Jepsen

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