Monday, August 10, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 021 - Unpacked and Ready to Learn

I was at Temple Square today! What an experience seeing the Church so... everywhere! We saw the new conference building, the Tabernacle, the Church History Museum, Joseph Smith Memorial building, the big church office building, the Lion's house, the Beehive House, the Visitor's Center and a nice replica of Bertel Thorvaldsens "Kristus"... (the original, together with Thorvaldsen's twelve apostles still remains in Copenhagen, Denmark). Our day was all very impressive and quite an enjoyable experience.

But, while playing the tourist what really tempted me, all I really wanted to do, was to get inside the doors of that beautiful temple. I'll be back. (Yes, the Schwarzenegger pun was intended, sorry--can't help it).

My companions are wonderful and they are a great additional blessing to my MTC experience. We have lots of fun and our compatability helps get things done.

I have been called to be a District Leader and I am looking forward to what I might learn from that experience, although I wasn't exactly looking for more responsibilities as becoming the kind of missionary that the Lord can and will use a pretty big responsibility in itself.

The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is like a little University Of Christ and I have learned so much already. The Spirit here is very strong, and it's clear to see how it influences all involved.

I am really trying to get as much out of this experience as I can and I've been busy filling in the gaps from my previous missionary service, trying to improve and become a better, more commited missionary before I leave. I don't want to waste any time becoming as effective as I can be, as I know that the Lord sends prepared people to prepared missionaries. I need to be more prepared.

When God reaches into his great toolbox I want to be one of the sharp and ready tools that he can use. Chipping away with a dull chisel accomplishes little more than tiring the handler and I wouldn't want to do that. Effort spent on keeping a chisel honed and sharp minimizes wasted time and need for repairs, placing the effort as a sharply defined edge exactly where needed and wanted, producing a good piece of work in the hands of a Master. Even the smallest miracles and marvels don't come about with dull tools.

Love y'all,

Elder Jepsen

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