Saturday, August 15, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 022 - Soon, I'll be OFF TO MINNESOTA!

The MTC is a spiritual feast beyond the mere inadequacy of words, but words are my only tools available for sharing this, so I have to try: I've had the privilege of being district leader for a wonderful district these last two weeks. Conducting interviews with my whole district every week is a new experience which can be awkward at times, but extremely giving. I'm surprised how much I've learned in my short time here and how much it has taught me about myself. Besides the obvious in preparing for a mission that I am already in the middle of, it's as if everything I am doing here will forever change my priorities and views on life. I'm so much looking forward to use the new me and what I have learned for my mission, although I strongly suspect the impact of this to carry far beyond the bit of time that a mission really is. I really feel like my life has taken a more permanent turn for the better over these last few weeks.

Since my last e-mail to you I have had a pretty intense week. No time is wasted here at the MTC and there is not a moment in the day that has not been planned for. All missionaries here are completely accounted for at all times of the day. Except for the Temple Square (Salt Lake City) excursion, we only leave this place to go to the Provo Temple. It may sound restrictive to some, but being here has been a one the best and most teaching experiences in my life so far, and as long as they have something planned for me here I have no inclinations to be anywhere else than here. Life here is so uncomplicated and so very simple, you wake up, follow the schedule, eat, and go to bed again. This allows the freedom to totally focus on the task at hand and I've never done or learned so much in a day as I have here. I love it.

But, as much as the experience here is incomparable, I know it can't go on forever. I like it here but I am looking forward to what comes next.
I have a mission waiting and in view of all the obstacles with the new visa rules it was almost looking as if it would never happen, but it is happening: I'm out of here next Wednesday and off to Minnesota and I have so been looking forward to that part. I was supposed to be arriving in Minnesota only five whole months ago (that's like being told on the morning of December 24th that a new rule has postponed Christmas). I almost can't wait to see what new exciting adventures await me ahead. I've heard that there is twenty-eight missionaries going to Minnesota at the same time as me, not at all like my first mission travels where I stuck out like a sore thumb. For this first time in my mission I don't stick out and I can blend in, although probably not for long though. I have noticed an uncanny ability og mine to stick out no matter how uniform a crowd I might try to hide in.

There is a flu going around in my district and I'm the latest victim. My voice has gone down two octaves and my nose is like a faucet that just can't be turned off all the way. T
o speed up my recovery I have asked sister Harris (branch presidency counselor's wife) to bring me some cayenne. That stuff works miracles every time!

Well, I wish I could just hug you all and you would know exactly how great an experience this really is. Words are such a poor substitute. I love you all! I hope that things are going OK at home! I miss you! (not enough to wish myself to anyplace other than here though). How are you all doing these days?

Elder Jepsen

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