Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 029 - Adversity & Affliction

I hope you're all enjoying the last sliver of heat before winter kicks in. If you have been following our weather (or my mails), you probably know by now that our weather changed pretty quickly over here and that last sliver of heat didn't even show up. Winter hasn't begun yet and already it's FREEZING! I hear that they already have snow up in Winnipeg. I have also been told that Thunder Bay usually has lots of Northern Lights during the winter, I can't wait! Oh, HOLD ON FOR JUST ONE MINUTE--I am not in a rush after all, winter here (it seems) is going to be COLD!

I have promised myself not to buy junk at all, as we get enough cake and stuff from members, maybe that will allow me to save up for some winter gear. Thanks for reminding me though :)

We had a baptism and it was GREAT! I view a baptism in the proportion of one of life's most important experiences for the person being baptized, they will think back to the spirit they felt on that special day and draw on it when adversity and difficulty strikes. It is important that nothing gets in the way of that experience and to ensure that everything works out right is quite the responsibility and seemed to take a good deal of planning, but the Lord helped and it was successful. I guess I was stressing a bit more, still being such a greenie I was very worried that everything would work out properly. It worked out great and everybody was happy (especially Sister Kathryn) and I was relieved when we were done.. It is truly a priviledge to be one of the Elders that played a part in Sister Kathryn's baptism and I pray that the testimony she now has will continue to develop and be a source of strength for others that come her way. It's my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless this area, as we continue to show commitment in our work.

Our intended viewing of General Conference didn't exactly go as planned. The Saturday session worked perfectly for a while, then suddenly something went wrong and we lost our signal. We eventually routed it through a computer and got some sound out of it. For the second session we went to a members home and got there in the middle of Elder Hollands talk about the Book of Mormon, GREAT talk, I loved it!

As a continuation on the previous General Conference, it was also good to hear how the First Presidency admonished us to help each other through life, as bothers and sisters caring for each other and in the process to learn from both our own mistakes as well as others. I have myself benefited from others being there for me on many occasions and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for others helping me to whom I am eternally grateful. When the opportunity has arrisen I have also occasionally lent a hand where needed and where I could, but not all things are so easily cut and dry, or readily understood.

All I have is one pair of hands and it seems like single drop in a great ocean, when so many are in need of some sort of help. Not every problem that comes our way is of a dimension to be solved in the time frame of a sitcom on TV or by fighting an imaginary enemy in a quick game on the computer. Real life problems can't always be solved by everybody pitching in for a Saturday or two (although a good many problems can be helped that way). Some problems are bigger than that and bad things do happen to good people, everywhere and all the time.

When I observe the people around us all and the troubles they fight to uphold life itself and everyday responsibilities, I find it difficult and petty to complain. How can I ask anything of God for myself when I am healthy, alive and have the opportunity to do what I so enjoy, serving Him on this very mission?

It seems that everywhere you turn, people are having their share of problems and yet they fight them bravely and upright. Sometimes it is as if you find the best of people amidst the greatest gathering of obstacles and problems--I have so much to learn!

Well, I gotta go (the work is waiting and time is running).
Love you all! (muah!)

Elder Jepsen

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