Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 28 - Infinite Power of Hope

The cold winds are blowing and the leaves are falling, but it is not yet the fabulously colorful Canadian autumn that I have heard of from you Mom. The area here doesn't have the great differences in altitude to show the ultimate variety of color. It is nice, but it hasn't peaked yet.

Now on to battling cold weather and winter. I am perhaps thick skinned, probably thick blooded, certainly I have had the impression at times to be somewhat thick headed or just plain "thick" as some might say in view of the present situation, but in spite of what one might think it does not prevent me from beginning to feel the cold. I am not really sure yet as to how I am going to tackle this. I will be needing proper winter boots soon, I don't yet have the "Long John's" or long sleeved under tops. The missionaries here use "Under Armour" as an extra layer for protection, but they don't look cheap and I just want to survive the cold. I have received an abundance of advise on dressing up like an onion (layers, layers and layers). Most wait to buy their cold gear until they arrive in the mission field, because the selection in Minnesota is aimed at local conditions. The selection here in Thunder Bay is not really that great but the temperature drops to minus forty in the winter (and that is cold no matter how warm your heart might be).

I'm glad that you have the car working again! Sorry to hear that it was such a battle, I pray often for Dad's health and miracles do happen. I know what you're going to say "If every problem was followed by a miracle, we would never learn," and that is true, but it doesn't hurt to hope for a break for others.

The locals here use the typical Canadian "eh" instead of the American "uh" or "huh" and I must do so as well as to be properly understood, so I am beginning to sound like a right proper Canadian. You would be so proud, Mom & Dad.

We are four missionaries in Thunder Bay, where the population is approximately 120.000 people and for those of you that have seen the Google Map, our area is everything South of the Harbour Express Way. The ward has eighty plus members active out of three hundred plus members listed, not ideal but lots of room for hope and prayers. The local wildlife here try hard to make up for the lack members, moose have been known to frequent the area outside the church building.

I'm looking forward to General Conference, there is always so much I need to hear and be reminded. If that wasn't enough, we have a baptism scheduled in between sessions! WooHooo! That is what it is all about, people discovering the treasure of the gospel for themselves. It is like being baptized for myself all over again, it brings back all the memories. The gospel is great--for everybody. I wanted to spend more time to tell you about actual missionary work (there is so much to tell and it's just GREAT), but all the practical stuff got in the way, sorry.

Gotta go (there is work to be done). Work is going well as always.

Love you all!

Elder Jepsen

PS.: Do you have any way of obtaining Alex Kreiberg's address, please?

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