Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 34 - Transfer time, or not?

Thanks for that last email, I really enjoyed it. Transfers are coming up and no one knows who stays or not, AAAARGH! Although personally, I think I'll stay. But what is that really more than speculation, so I''l just wait and see.

We are doing well here in T
hunder Bay. The weather here likes us and has us all confused. Suddenly there's no snow and it's all warm! I'm back to walking around in a short sleeved shirt... in November! Two or three weeks from now I'll remember what I just said in disbelief, but for now--this is amazing. I am sure you're NOT wearing short sleeved shirts in Denmark right now.

I have an excellent companion and I have a lot to learn from him, but I don't always understand how he's put together. It's not like we have any contention between us, we just don't tune in that well sometimes as we are so widely different. But we are both in agreement on what we are here for.

Thanks for caring advice. I've been working on how I approach things, while I've been trying to do some growing. I've tried to do some more focus on my own qualities, but with somewhat disappointing results. Working on myself is a rather slow process since I have to be both the horse and the whip. So I've taken a little different approach in focusing on Christlike attributes this week, as it's an infinite times better than focusing on my own attributes.

Sister Sherry Dew said that: While life is meant to test, challenge and strengthen us, if we are attempting to negotiate the twists and turns and ups and downs of mortality alone, we are doing it all wrong. Mortality is a test, but it is an open-book test. We have access not only to the divine test but to Him who authored it.

It is not like we don't know what to do with our time but some times I get an extra minute on prep-day and guess what: I solved A Rubik's cube!!!!!!!!!
I know, I know--a little out of character but I used the manual (a member printed it out for me) and I finally solved it! Now I'm faced with the dilemma of figuring out what I did and if I can actually do it again without looking at the guide.Life is just packed with these big hard tests that we somehow have to make it through (PLEASE, apply irony in quantities as needed).

Oh, time flies, I'm late, I'm late. Gotta go!

I love you all. Take care, EH!

Elder Jepsen

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