Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Missionaries of the Russia Moscow Mission Confirmed to be Safe

Sister Kris Larsen, mother to Elder Mark D. Larsen, Russia Moscow Mission informs:

You may have heard of the attacks in the Moscow Metro?
President and Sister Cranney of the Russia Moscow Mission were quick to report and confirm the safety of all their missionaries to the families back home.

All missionaries are safe in their apartments, where they are told to stay until further notice. The explosions occurred during rush hour, which is during our missionaries' morning study time in their apartments. A report confirming the safety of all members is in progress.

The first few hours after the bombings the phone lines were so busy that it was very difficult reaching everyone as quickly as we would have liked. We have double checked to make sure that all of the missionaries are accounted for. We did have two sister missionaries at the airport, but have contacted them and had a driver pick them up and get them back to their apartment. There will be no Metro travel or name tags worn until they get further instructions.

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