Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 88 - Everyone Can Know for Themselves that God Lives

Merry Christmas everybody and thank you all for being there for me in the past year! Thank you for your greetings, prayers and support. It is really a rather impossible experience to share in just a few words but I hope that sharing even a little from my mission experience has allowed you some of the feeling that I get from doing this. I wish there was some way that you all could share the beautiful feeling it is, when someone you have taught is beginning to know for themselves that God lives. But, there is no words for it, sorry.

It is amazing to me that everyone can know for themselves that God lives and I find it very motivating. This week we were once again blessed with a baptism. Every baptism is amazing and I find it commendable when someone has made the necessary effort to draw closer to God and discover some of the potential given us in faith and prayer.

This was a great baptism. The whole program went well and there was a good turnout. There is a great group of people ready to welcome her into the congregation and she was unusually well prepared for her baptism. It was awesome!

It was a busy week. We attended Christmas conference in Duluth (I've had both of my Christmas Conferences in the Duluth Zone). President Howell was once again playing Santa Claus and we all got to sit on his lap and ask for a Christmas wish...

Yesterday I went way past my comfort zone as we went Christmas caroling. We caroled for more than a hundred people, all people we have never met before and you apparently meet a lot of friendly people when you carol. Singing has never been my forte but my heart is in it and the friendly people here warm right up with a Christmas tune or two. 

This week is Christmas week and everybody here are taking good care of us and we certainly feel welcome and appreciated in the congregation. Wonderful people!

Thank you for the Christmas package, Grandma! You know I love you!

Love y'all

Elder Jepsen 

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