Sunday, February 6, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 95 - In the House of the Lord

There was a delay in your e-mail for the week. Our schedules were shifted this week to allow for some temple time. We moved our prep-day and I just barely came back from the temple. It was absolutely amazing!! I haven't been there since attending the Mission Training Center and I absolutely love the peace that can be found in the House of God. It was almost a feeling of going home and on that subject... only seven more weeks. I like it at home and I like it here. I know I have to get on with life but I'm gratefull for what God has allowed me to experience and learn while here and I can't help having mixed feelings towards going home. I absolutely love serving God and experiencing His trust: He has trusted me with some absolutely wonderful people to learn from, to teach and work beside and I will always be indebted to my God for this experience. I love you all at home but I can't say that I have a problem being homesick, even this close to my return home. There is so much to enjoy and take in here and now, I want to remember every minute of it!

This week one of our investigators dropped us. I know that he doesn't know the scale of what we are trying to teach or he would be reading the Book of Mormon every available moment, wanting to know it all. I wish we could truly share the feelings in our hearts and he could catch just a small portion of what God is offering him. All we have is words. The feeling of the Spirit is so much greater than words but we can't make anybody want to listen to the Spirit. All we can do is testify of the Spirit and pray for people to open their hearts.

It's all so sad. This man is grieving. His wife passed away and it's hard on him. He's a real awesome guy facing a difficult time in life. God's whisper can seem very quiet when the world is yelling and screaming with pressures from all sides but we only have to step a little closer toward Him and He will be right beside all who allows Him into their hearts.

Love you all!

Elder Jepsen

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