Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 97 - God's Words are Amazing When Applied!

How's Dad, I hope he's getting better soon? After this weekends blizzard we again have a nice white layer of snow about a foot deep.

Last Monday right after emailing you, we went bowling with the district and had a great time except for a beginning nausea taking some of the fun out of it. It didn't take long before I had to take a few time-outs to go  and be sick by myself but it still didn't help much. We then went over to the church, hung out and took pictures of the district--Elder Hoopes was getting transferred. But, again I had to run off and get ill. The Sisters found out, took over the situation and immediately rushed off shopping for every possible mothering tool in reach. Before I even had time to think about getting ill again I was surrounded by caring Sisters with stomach medicine, crackers, pop and bread and felt happy that they cared so much (in between feeling absolutely horrible). The other Elders gave me a blessing and we returned home where I promptly surrendered to my bed, properly beaten by aches and pains in places I didn't even know could hurt.

Around 5:30 AM I passed out and didn't open up my eyes until 10:00 AM the next morning and felt worlds better. I downed the rest of the pink stomach medicine for good measure and after some preparation we  began our day. After all the cares and prayers of the Sisters and a blessing from the Elders only good health remained and I could once again be off to be a missionary.

We went on to have an amazing week. We visited and taught a young couple that God had clearly prepared for our visit and they had room for God in their hearts and minds. We also made contact with a family that had been out of contact with the church for a while and this turned out to be a very interesting experience. They were all committed to the beliefs and doctrine, except they've never been baptized into the church. They are such an amazing family and I'm looking forward to meet with them again. It is obvious to me that the Lord loves this family deeply and I want to help them in every way I can. God's words are amazing when people allow them to sink into their hearts and lives.

I love you and... I love you!

Elder Jepsen

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