Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 96 - God's Words Has the Power to Change Lives

Today, everybody up for a transfer were called and our phone remained silent. I am in my last area and I am now staying here to the end of my mission. Our Mission President has allowed me to focus on missionary work and released me from being a District Leader. He called and asked if I was getting "Trunky" (homesick, ready to pack your trunks and go home, thinking more about home than mission). I thought I was doing okay, he gave me some encouragement and suggested I give it all I have on the last stretch. I'm eager to follow his counsel and believe that following his lead can make me a better missionary. 

This week we had an pleasant meeting with a guy whose wife is a member of the church, though we don't often see her there. We stopped by one evening to visit and met with him. He hadn't really had the opportunity to learn much about our faith but we discussed God's continued existence, how He speaks to us today and how we are able to recognize truth. There was a pleasant Spirit there throughout our discussion. We invited him to read and to pray about the Book of Mormon and when we came back yesterday we were met with great enthusiasm. We invited his wife to read along with him as we thought it might remind her of the peace found in God's words to us. We hope that we'll be able to see this wonderful couple come to church and one day enter the temple. God's words has the power to change lives and I have seen it happen. There is so much work to be done!

The weather is beginning to melt the last attempts of winter! The temperature has climbed to around 40° Fahrenheit (4.5° Celsius) and I haven't worn a coat all last week. It somehow feels pleasantly warm after our winter!

Love you all!

Elder Jepsen

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