Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 001

Well... this is it. The reality of actually being a missionary and working in the Lord's vineyard is finally dawning little by little, and the the work is becoming more and more real to me. Elder Bitner is my trainer and he's a nice guy, we go running in the morning and he'll help me out for a morning training program to stay fit or increase the same.

I'm sitting in the mission office with my uncle trainer Elder Palmer. We´re a foursome companionship, Elder Bitner, Clawson and Palmer (the same Elder who we had over for Christmas eve). We live in the smallest apartment in the mission with a bathroom the size of the . . . uhm . . . smaller than our food storage. You can take care of business, brush your teeth, and take a bath at the same time and you almost have to. I know it's not easy for men to multitask, but they sure did make it easy in there.

Something that everybody seems to have a love-hate relationship to is finding and contacting. some days it really gets on your nerves, and other days it brings you right to the top floor and skyrockets your day.

We have a car that we use a lot and I have to watch out not to become lazy. Because of it, and I'm going to try to focus a lot on morning training.

Zone Conference was way awesome! It was nice to be there, and the messages were great and well thought out as well. Paul apparently built a robot with my three companions. They're all zoneleaders...3 ZLs and a greenie (sounds like a missionary soap opera), and they used it for their training at conference. The idea was to emphasise the importance of our testimony, our ability to feel and utilize the spirit, and exercise empathy, it was a cool training, and I got copyright permission to use in Minnesota later.

I was told by my companions that I adapt very well and have tackled being thrown into everything as I have (without having been to the MTC, yet), very well . I hope that'll continue for a while, and I have put a couple of goals down, to measure my improvement, since I have such a far way to go.

Well I'll wrap this up now, and i hope y'all doing well over there. I s my passport home yet? When it comes, please just send it to the mission office (you were right).

Elder Jepsen

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