Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 003

I just got my first transfer, and am now serving in Lyngby, and living in the Ballerup House. And yes it is a house, five times as big as the shabby apartment of my first area, and a very messy one at that with four other dedicated missionaries that must be focused on missionary work, because they aren't spending their time cleaning the apartment). Tomorrow we´re only going to be four elders alltogether as I´m replacing Elder Morris who is dying (missionary lingo for going home) like . . . tomorrow.

We´ve already settled for the Elder Jepsen Purge, and will commence operation de fungi today. I find it hard to concentrate, and relax with the mess as bad as it is. I´m also thinking that it is a proper thing to do, as a house of the Lord is a house of order (well, we don't live in a church or temple, but we are serving Him). As the Lord's representatives I think we shouldn´t only be clean in mind, heart and appearance, but our living quarters should also reflect the integrity of the work. So I´m looking forward to how that goes. Thanks for sending my new passport over with Paul. I´ll be taking care of the procedures as soon as possible. I all love you people and I hope you are doing well.


Elder Jepsen

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