Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 006 - Birthday Memories

Thank you so much for the... uh... birthday extravaganza. I feel SO SPOILED. Please send my thanks to Sister Meline! Thanks for the extra mail and stuff, I really enjoyed it. I just finished reading Eric´s mail and laughed so hard. I seriously love that kid. I hope I´ll have time to write him a separate mail, but he can wait till next week if I don´t get the time.

That was some birthday message from Boulder: twenty-one toots saluting me (toot, well the sound might not be much, but "toot" is really TOO SMALL a word to describe what Boulder does). He sure knows how to identify himself . . . oh, how I remember. He really is a BIG dog! ;) I sure do miss him, hearing and feeling the ground thunder when he comes galloping.

It´s kinda weird being twenty-on all of a sudden (I know, it took me tewnty years getting here and I am surprised when it happens)? I´m older than most elders around here, which seems even more weird, as I am a greenie.

We were having companionship inventory (with the Ballerup house being 4 elders we call it the Ballerup House Inventory) and I got a comment from Elder Moulton, that he looks up to me, because I am "light years ahead of where he was in the beginning of his mission." That´s kinda cool, but gives me a lot to live up to.

My comp and I are working on a member/missionary project that we just cleared yesterday with ward council, and it might just turn out to be a good project. We´re hoping that if it is successful, maybe others can use it as a template. It might have the potential of changing things. Although I am sure that everything must have been tried, I still have my hopes.

I have to end quick now because my browser keeps dying, and we need to go shopping. Take care, you all! I love you! Please, give Boulder a cuddle from me.

Elder Jepsen

PS: Boulder is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (for those that don't know, he is a 50+kg[110+lbs] dog) with a bark that can shake a mountain and has heart of gold, but with a secret wish to be the boss and rule the world. He has stopped or averted at least 3 break-ins (one froze in a wide-eyed stare as he saw Boulder baring his teeth with a bark big enough to re-invent fear) to our home that we know of. This does a lot for his popularity rating (not that he needs it, he stopped a thief in the neighbor's yard as well).

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