Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 008 - Happy, Happy, Happy!

Except for Saturday, there´s not much to tell from the front this week. Saturday was an awesome day, we taught seven lessons on the street and found a lost investigator. It was a humbling experience that the Lord trusted us enough to allow us to be the ones to introduce His thoughts, hopes and teachings to so many of those He values and knows to be ready to learn more. It is really a privelege to represent Him. We actually reached the mission's teaching goal this week of teaching fifteen lessons, something our area hasn´t done for the longest time, it felt great and satisfying. Yet, to take it to another level we had an all out celebration making smores when we came home. Ka-CHING!

As for explaining the shorter e-mail this week: For our prep-day today I started to clean our new bathroom. The other companionship moved out and we've been putting dibs on everything of priority in the house. Being the veteran companionship in the house we moved office and bathroom over to the bigger office room and bigger bathroom. This plan required a good deal of knuckle-grease in making the move worthwhile. I spent four hours cleaning the big bathroom today and I´m almost done by now. While we do claim the biggest and best (being the the senior companionship and all) we do try remain fair as we are still sharing the space, so I´m making sure that the other companionships areas are worthwhile and cool to move into. We do have the biggest desks though . . . ;)

We´re having interviews tomorrow in Roskilde from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM . . . so I´ll be arming myself with ”The First 2000 Years,” my scriptures, study journal/journal and "whatnot" to supplement the usual long wait associated with interviews. I am trying to learn from last time we had interviews when I was the last one to have my interview. This time I´m coming prepared.

This about sums it up for this time around. Thank you so much for all you´ve done for me. I love you all, and I wish you all the best. How´s the car working these days?

Take care you all!

Elder ”Bambam” Jepsen

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