Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sister Jepson with Elders Jepsen & Jepson

At least I am not all alone out here as the only Elder Jeps(e)n. Witness the phenomenon Sister Jepson with an Elder Jepsen/Jepson on each arm.

But names, nationalities, places of origin or past occupations aside, we all serve together and the blessings from the work are the same. As we stand united in serving God and those around us who wants to know Him better, we ourselves benefit as much as we give. I have looked forward to these next two years for what seems like a very long time now and I am happy to be here.

Watch this and you might know what I mean as President Thomas S. Monson testifies of Jesus Christ (you'll have to copy/paste the link to your browser, but it is worth the trouble):

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