Friday, May 1, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 007 - Prayer

I just found out that the other companionship in the Ballerup House is getting transferred, and the Ballerup area will also be closed down for 2 weeks until new missionaries arrive. So it´ll be me and Elder Champenois in that big house for 2 solid weeks. Boring.

But, the work makes up for the lack of company in the house in plenty measure. Last saturday, we taught five lessons, four of them right on the street. One kid, David, who just turned eighteen the same day we met him was born in
Jerusalem! He was both friendly, positive and interested, so we are going to meet up with him again. . . he also mentioned that his friends possibly might be interested as well. ;) Yeah!

Later that same day we were tired and getting ready to go home. Instead we decided on taking one more road. We hadn´t taken more than two stairways when my comp suggested to skip some and go to # 111. I felt good about it, so we hurried over to # 111.

On the middle floor, a guy of a somewhat excentric appearance answered. Upon seeing us he chuckled a bit and without saying anything further, he turned his head back inside to inform his ladyfriend who was at the door and ask if she wanted to hear whatever these mormon people had to say. She obliged, we thanked and came in. There were two chairs only, one occupied by the man (bad back) and my companion. We started with a prayer, and I proceded to teach both of them for the next fifteen minutes. I don´t remember what happened next, but my companion just answered some questions from the man and a discussion ensued. Meanwhile, I continued teaching the woman who had questions of her own resulting in two completely different lessons taught, both according to their specific needs. This all happened in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, while the spirit confirmed the principles taught. I know they felt the spirit touch their hearts. It was as if they were prepared for hearing our message, and their hearts were opened and ready for the gospel. It soon began to get dark and the only lighting in the room was a candle. In spite of the darkness it didn´t at all feel dark in the room as the spirit filled the room. We returned home late that day, convinced that we found two good people who too could share in the comfort and answers found in the restored gospel.

Last Monday after a dinner appointment we had an hour we could work before going home. We decided on a road close by to the bus stop. At the very first door a slightly aggravated father opened. We were not a welcome sight as people representing other beliefs had been there some days before us. This experience had not left the people interested in God or gospel and was not exactly the warmup band we wanted, but we decided to continue anyway.

On the way back up the road we met two friendly cats seeking a moments attentions. Having a soft spot for frindly animals I couldn't resist. Being a good and dedicated missionary, my companion asked if we should continue. Oddly enough I resisted, feeling that we should stay with the cats for a moment. We did and moments later a woman came out from her garden (it was her cat) and we began visiting. We connected really well and soon gave her a really good first lesson. The day was the two year mark for her father´s death and my companion shared a good scripture from Alma concerning God's love for all His children and the state of our souls after we die (that they are eternal).

After talking for something like forty-five minutes she referred us to the guy next door, and left us since her husband was making food inside. She mentioned that he had this huge dog (my bells started ringing already then), and said that he might be interested to hear us as well. Chuckling over our good fortune, we walked a dozen steps over to her neighbors garden and saw him coming out of his front door. We met at the garden gate and were soon in a very casual conversation. He's fond of animals and shared several stories about animals and everything else. He told us that the whole family has a bad flu and he wouldn´t let us in just now. The timing for us going from the woman and meeting him coming out of the door couldn´t be more perfect, because if we knocked I don´t think he would have let us in (with the family illness), and we wouldn´t have met him or been able to teach him. We noticed this humongous dog in the window, barking and wanting to be a part of the attention (sound familiar?) and asked if we could say hi to his dog. He gladly obliged brought out this Pyrenean Mastiff (Google it, it´s bigger than Boulder!!!). It was hairy, and slobbery, but I loved it! (duh)

We began teaching him and he was extremely positive, and said he would come to church! The thought of having two prepared people like that, living right next to each other. . . hard to believe how blessed we were in just one day. That whole sequence of us meeting them was as if perfectly planned. This humbled us greatly, knowing that we were just tools in a much greater plan. If it wasn´t because of the Lord´s love and wisdom, and Him preparing the way for us as we´ve experienced quite a bit now, we wouldn´t and couldn't progress in the work. It´s His gospel, and it´s His church, and if we don´t work with Him, we won´t get far.

Tonight, we´re heading off to a dinner appointmant at the Briscoe's in Holte. Last time they made loads and loads of really good pizza (and I heard it´s what they usually make as well)!!! They´re a great family (even without the pizza), and they´re in Denmark because of the fathers work. But they´re learning Danish, and the father has learned Danish super fast (they arrived last September), the kids are catching on quite well, and sister Briscoe is well on the way.
I love you all, and I´m looking forward to my phone call home in a week or two!!!!!. It´s going to be great to hear from you all and it´ll be nice as well, right before I leave at least to hear you guys laugh:)


Elder Jepsen

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