Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 010

We're spending our prep-day together with our district leader and his companion today as a combination of bad weather and bad connections prevented them from leaving. We went to the tourist office for suggested sites and decided to all go to the zoo and have our fun there. Elder Champenois got bit by an otter because he stuck his finger down to their basin--so we all had an enoyable time! Appearantly even otters see it as a threat when you stick a finger in their face. We even got home before it rained again.

I'm not going to be writing a lot this week. A truly exhausting transport situation for the Zone-Conference tired me out and we couldn't fall asleep last night either, because we ate to much candy. . . I know, I know. But, we were out contacting yesterday all day and it started raining, well actually pouring . . . and a lot of thunder, all very dramatic. I loved every moment of it. As usual rain is wet stuff, the other elders had the keys so we had to wait for their return. A nearby candy store was open and dry, now what would you do—a growing boy, locked up in a candy store with nowhere to go but out in the pouring rain? I know, I ate too much candy—and I am paying for it with a belly-ache. But, If all my choices were perfect and without flaw I would never learn from my mistakes . . . or? OK, it was candy and I have an aching belly, that must be enough punishment . . . why beat up on myself, it will probably be a nice day outside again tomorrow?

On to the real missionary part of my mission: We sat down all day at Zone conference, no walking, no trudging and no rejections and it was still an especially spiritual experience. We saw a great movie called “Joseph Smith; The Prophet of the Restoration.” It was a well made movie that touched me deeply.

We later received some good training and messages and I took a lot of notes. I also had to say goodbye as it was my last zone conference which was hard as the Danish Mission has claimed a special place in my heart in the short time I've been here. It's going to be hard to leave.

I am truly enjoying my mission, it is the most amazing process to watch people grow as they discover God in their lives. The change that happens from when they first start out with a vague hope that maybe there is a God after all, is in itself a miracle. To experience the idea forming in their heart that a true God might actually hear that innermost prayer only known by themselves and see what happens when they discover that God answered their plea, the prayer that meant everything to them is beyond all comparison. With God we can learn and do so much that would otherwise be out of reach. I consider myself blessed to be a part of this.

I know that God is not at our command to answer our every little prayer when, where and how we think would be best. Sometimes the best and biggest lesson for us to learn is to look back at how and what we did, and make sure we remember it and avoid having to learn it again. As I see things more clearly I realize that sometimes that's where an answer is found and then the Lord confirms it in my heart. If I had the answer list to life before truly working at it myself, how much would I really have learned in the end?

Anyway, you all take care. I really miss you and I hope you are doing well. You can do a lot with the Lord behind you.


Elder Jepsen

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