Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jutland's West Coast

Elder Jepsen's home shores
In case you have been wondering about the blog background (well, you could barely see the picture on the blog because of content, so you probably haven't). But, this is the West Coast of Jutland, a peninsula in Denmark where the west coast faces the North Sea, also known as the Western Sea in Denmark. I know, multiple names for the same place can be a little confusing, but I didn't decide it should be that way. This is the view a short drive from where we live (we get a lot of fresh sea air).

Due west from here, beyond that horizon is Scotland, an unsuccesfully intended tourist destination through the viking age. The Scots sent the Scandinavians packing in those days, unlike the remaining UK where blondes and redheads still show their true origin. Instead they found warmer shores and colonized Normandy (North Men, Norsemen . . . Norman) and among other things (I don't know what to say about this) settled Moscow. But some of that viking blod is what flows in Elder Jepsen's veins, if that explains anything?

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