Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 011

I am still in Denmark and Nykoebing Falster is a really interesting place and we've done a good deal of contacting already. The opposite end of town has a student housing area and that's where people are the most approachable at the moment. We've met a lot of really interesting people there, and many are interested in hearing about the gospel. Yesterday we racked up an impressive seven full lessons. Three of them were appointments that were scheduled before lunch, and then the other four we took after lunch.

Yesterday's last lesson was a middle aged alcoholic man, who called us over because we for so long had “been busy at work and all that traffic was beginning to annoy him. He just had to hear what this whole thing was about and why it was so important to continually bother people!" His colorful language was of course full of flowers, but he let us in and we gave him a good lesson right to the point when he spotted the weather change. Being a man of the road, he apparently had developed a healthy respect for weather changes and demanded (in his slightly drunken, but honest concern) that we head for home NOW. He said we weren't allowed to sleep at his place (not that we would) and he wanted us to get home before the weather got too bad. We tried to say that five more minutes wouldn't matter (I had hoped to finish my lesson) and then we could go home afterwards. Alas, he could not be reasoned with and we headed for home. On our way we met an old (as in “No longer”) investigator (which the Lord apparently thought was dropped prematurely). Not one to argue with the Lord's plans we delayed any and all plans of our own and managed to get drenched before we got home after all. But, we felt great and what a wonderful day it was.

This week for prep-day we went to a Crocodile Zoo. It was really interesting and we saw a lot of cool crocks (seeing them for real, some of them are HUGE . . . and almost intimidating). In the gift shop you could buy Steve Irwin toy stuff as well. We got an ice cream instead.

We have been praying to find a new family this week that we can begin teaching, but we haven't met them yet. We're trying to get as many investigators as we can so that we can add some new blood to the local congregation. We're considering starting up a danish class down here as there are many Chinese people and it's a way we can reach out to them, and help them make a better life for themselves here in Denmark. I'm looking forward to see how it works.

Time to go home for a quick lunch then back out to knock on more doors.

I hope you all are doing well. Toodles!

Elder Jepsen

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