Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 014 - Visa news from Germany

Guten Tag (a german greeting translating to "Good Day" and what a GOOD day it is with the latest and greatest news from Germany).

I'm working on a letter to the Melines that I will be sending off ASAP. It won't be long before I leave and I still need to resolve the matter of the mission bike. Thanks for reminding me about the letter to Minnesota. I'll fill it out as soon as possible, there is just so much to do all while I want to be a missionary too. Thanks for the the work you've already done, you've done a GREAT job helping me along.

Please let Anita know that as one of your best and closest lifetime friends I feel that I know her to be a very special person. If she wishes to share any part or all of my communications, my mission and testimony with the good people of 100 Mile House or anybody else to please feel free to do so. I am grateful to be a part of her world also.

My two companions are very hard working and we get a lot done. I have already learned a lot from them, and I'm looking forward to learn more. Much to their credit (they must be some of the most effective Elders in the mission), we're also the area that teaches the most lessons in the mission, thereby allowing me plenty opportunity to practice my teaching skills. Elder Ockey has a great planning skill, and utilizes every precious minute, and that's a big reason to why we get so much teaching done and I just LOVE it.

I just recently recieved an email from Germany, concerning my visa (hence my German good mood in the beginning of the letter). Things are suddenly moving quickly now. I will be going to the embassy some time next week to take care of things and I might finally leave within the next couple of weeks.

My computer is really slow and it's hard to write stuff so I won't write too much more. It's really a pain.

Stake confernce was GREAT and I learned a lot. I'm glad I took notes. The Prophet was there (over satellite), and he shared a lot of thoughts that all were highly inspired and what we needed to hear. Our Mission President also spoke, he is a good man, spiritual and motivated and what he had to say touched me deeply.

I enjoy being here and being a part of this great work. I learn and grow every day and my heart grows from seeing others experience the same growth as I share my knowledge and feelings about God. As I experience the process happen around me I can't help marvelling at the power of humble and sincerely, honest prayer. If we ask prayerfully, God has the answers and he will give them to us when we are ready to hear them. They may not always be exactly be what we expected but if we always got what we expected and how we expected it, why bother asking? If God was to answer when, where, what and how we expect, would that not make us His master? He is our God and Master, as we follow his directions we are His subjects and he will grant us knowledge and answers when our hearts are ready. When that happens it is as envigorating and enlightening as if pure light flows in your veins and for those brief moments everything looks clearer, as your heart confirms that this is true and this is right. I truly love having the Saviour in my life and it saddens me when people don't open their hearts to Him, as life is so much easier with Him in it. Everything takes on a entirely different perspective.

Sorry that this email is short. I hope you are all doing well and that you are enjoying the weather.

I love you all very much. Take care!

Elder Jepsen

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