Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 013 - Getting Ready for the BIG Transfer

I guess my Mission President is getting me ready and on standby for that BIG transfer to the MTC. I am now again serving closer to Copenhagen in the Allerød Ward. I haven't attended their congregation yet, but I'm looking forward to meeting the people there.

I am now serving with Elder Ockey and Elder Nielson, who will be my last two companions in Denmark. Both Elder Nielson and I will be leaving the mission in the immediate future. Elder Nielson is an Infield Assistant to the Mission President and Elder Ockey is a District Leader. Then there is me, the kid who hasn't been to the MTC yet . . . and by the looks of things, might not be going for another month!!

My visa situation currently involves a petition packet in transit from Germany to the Salt Lake City Missionary Department. If they don't receive it on time they can't get in to their system in time for my arrival (which can happen and then I won't be going anywhere for the next month). But I am cool with that, as I have a lot to learn from my two new companions.

Will Paul be in Denmark in time to see me off at the airport?

I'm working on the reply to the Melines, but we really don't have much time. I'm sorry for the neglect, it has been bothering me for a while because I do want to write them, I just never get to it. Sound familiar? PLEASE, let them know of my gratitude for all the attention on my birthday, it's been too long already.

Bedding? I am really not picky and I want to say that I am cool with almost . . . anything? BUT, I quickly realize that someone (probabaly with much the same sense of humor as my own Mom) might, just for the fun of it use it against me, so I better be a little more specific: As long as it isn't flashy, pink, flowered, cute, feminine or otherwise “pretty,” (that'd be more than my self confidence could bear). PLEASE, let Anita know of my gratitude! I am so grateful to have one thing less to worry about and that very subject was actually giving me some cause for concern.

Candy, I like candy! ;) I didn't know there was any candy that one could dislike, isn't all candy great? Like when someone from the middle ages are moved to our time in the movie “Just Visiting” and they ask him if he likes "Hot Dogs" and he aptly replies "I like all kinds of dogs" (you know, "People die if they don't eat" and I will eat and enjoy almost anything edible). I really appreciate both the thought and attention. Thank you.

Elder Champenois and I had our last day as a companionship together Tuesday, Which also happened to be the day that we had an appointment with some guys our age. One of them has been particularly interested in our message the last many visits. He has told us that he really has felt a difference in his life, after he began talking to us. We did our very best to share the lesson and I think it went well. I felt the Holy Ghost present and the spirit there was pleasant and strong. When I committed him to be baptized he replied with a simply "Yes." Calm and assured he had felt the wonderful spirit witness to him through our message and the immense love of our Savior in his life.

I feel truly blessed to have witnessed a person who just barely stopped smoking hashish weeks prior to our meeting, to just three weeks later wanting to be baptized. The Holy Ghost is truly one powerful teaching partner, and I am grateful that we are privileged to have it with us. I pray that he will endure in his newly found faith and that baptism just becomes his first step of many toward a better life. We set a baptism date that will be just prior to my planned departure from Denmark. I am so grateful for being here on a mission, sharing a world that I so enjoy being a part of. Words really does not much justice to how this feels.

I hope you all are doing well at home and that there's not too many things stressing you out. I really love you people. I miss you, but not too much. ;)

Well, gotta go now. Au revoir!

Elder Jepsen

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