Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 45 - I Love Being a Missionary!

I love you all and I appreciate whenever I hear from you. I hope you're all doing well, or will be well soon? Are you ready for your operation Mom, how long is it going to take and how about recovery? I really hope it goes well!

How's Dad doing, is he getting better? You have really had some winter in Denmark this year, WOW! Are you getting through the cold OK and how's Dad handling the winter?

The picture is me in my "Stay Warm & Stay Happy Touque" on a prep-day with Thunder Bay behind me. I don't attempt to teach the gospel wearing this, but it is WARM, nice and WARM! (It's a sort of District emblem, all the Elders here have one).

Do you know if the ward received their letter? I'm glad the Junior Sunday-School liked theirs. It is so hard to find time for everything and I would love to tell everyone how great an experience I am having, how much it changes your state of mind constantly focusing on other people's needs and concerns. It feels good and I wish I could share it, but words just don't do the experience justice and I never seem to have the time to write, or to do all the work I would like to do.

I have been in this area through four transfers and it's time for another transfer. They might move me somewhere else and not that I would mind, although I am going to miss this place and especially the people here. I've truly come to love this people, and it'll be sad to leave, but it's going to be nice with a change as well.

We are preparing to baptize a father and his son in the upcoming week. I am so excited for them! we've been working with them for a while and they've come a long way. They're both very quiet, making it even more important to listen to the spirit. But, it's apparent to see that they love the gospel! The Zone-leaders are coming up today to do baptism interviews. It's going to be great.

I love you all and I wish you the best. Sorry that it's a short one this week. I hope that you all will be able to get through this operation... especially for you mom. Don't stress it, the Lord loves you and He will be there looking after you. You are much too valuable to all of us for things to go terribly wrong.

Gotta go now... computers are a dead slow today..

Love Ya!
Elder Jepsen

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