Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 47 - WOW, Minneapolis!!!

I appreciate your prayers on my behalf, thank you! I am sure that as my mission speeds though my life, much of the good that I experience is thanks to your many prayers for me.

Sorry to hear that you guys are not well. Couldn't you take some of these challenges in small portions, one at a time? My prayers are with you, I hope and pray that you all get better soon.

WOW, Minneapolis! I am actually in Minneapolis, WOW!!!

I love it here!!!! What more can I say, I love it!

Currently I am serving with Elder Noffsinger. He's a quiet elder, but he is at the same time a diligent and hard worker. We've already conncted really well and we are getting along great. I love it!

It's not as cold here as in Thunder Bay, but it snows much more...We have so much snow, it's crazy! We use the buses to get around a lot, allowing us plenty of opportunities to meet and contact people and keeps us out the snow, when it's at its worst.

I still have a hard time finding my way because we have a big area, just bordering downtown Minneapolis, I love it here. I'll be working on getting my camera repaired as fast as possible, I need to show you this place! We get to talk to a lot of cool people and because it's a bigger city, not everyone we meet or contact is ready to receive or accept the gospel. One such example is when a person we contacted turned out to be a drug dealer. His agenda being in rather stark contrast to ours in more ways than I can begin to number, it was a brief but eye opening encounter. Not that I mind the odd challenge, but I don't think he or I was ready for this one.

We were downtown the other day and I saw that they have skyways in between most of the buildings to keep people focused on shopping without getting distracted by the snow and cold, clever! We went there because the stake-president owns a restaurant called "Eddington's," they have a special discount to missionaries on what they call "The Bottomless Bowl of Soup" I have never tasted better soup (or it probably seemed that way because I haven't been home for while, Mom), but they let you eat AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, how can you not like this place? I love it!

But it gets even better. The best part of it all here is the congregation, they're amazing!!! They are really focused on missionary work, and all the members are pitching in. Their goal is to have enough members available for the missionaries to work in splits with the members EVERY NIGHT, and also feeding the missionaries EVERY NIGHT. I've come to missionary HEAVEN!!!

Like our great Bishop back home and many Bishops I've met before, the Bishop here is a hard worker and he's constantly supporting and helping us in our work. Not only him, but the all of the auxiliaries are doing what they can to assist us in the work. I've met so many awesome members here that truly back us up and work with us as missionaries. It makes me want to work harder than my hardest and be a better missionary than I thought I could. I really loved my old area, but my time was up and am so grateful to have come to this area and I am excited to work here! I really hope that the Lord may find me and what I can do with His help to be of some use in His plan for this area.

Well I love you all and I really miss you, but then again not really. ;)
Take care!

Elder Jepsen

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