Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 48 - WOW, WOW Minneapolis!!!

I'm sorry to hear that you're still not well. I hope and pray that you both soon get better. Soon the present will just seem like a small bump in the road. Like you have told me so many times before "The best blessings do not ensure maximum ease, but does provide maximum opportunity for growth - and growth is always an uphill road." I know the Lord will continue to bless you, He loves you more than even I do.

WOW, Minneapolis - WOW! I love this place even more! It's awesome!

If you still remember? I never was a man of many words... well that's no longer an option available to me! We are splitting up with members every day and that allows us to get more than twice the work done, because the members here also give us referrels and bring us around to people that they have in mind for us to teach, as well as to our own appointments. The Lord is showing us a great deal of trust by allowing us to be the missionaries to teach all these wonderful people. Last week we were blessed to teach thirty or more lessons to people prepared to hear the Lord's message. I feel so grateful and I love being a part of this! I'm teaching... and that's why I am here (well, teach and BAPTIZE).

Life has already fallen into a more steady and effective rhythm in our apartment. It doesn't take long, really. Transport here is a simple matter, we bus it everywhere and it didn't take long to sort out all of the routes. I love the ward... they're so amazing and they're so pro-active in the work as well. This is a fantastic experience and I just love being a part of it!

Remember how I sometimes (or every other week) used to get frustrated, irritable and have bad days where I was down? Well, forget all about it, I haven't been in that corner for the last four months. To constantly see people's lives change for the better, as they apply the very gospel that we teach and find the short route to God's direct counsel and direction is the best. God is changing me as much as those I am teaching, I feel so ALIVE!

I love you! Thank you raising me in the church!

Elder Lee Jepsen

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