Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 67 - Without a Dream, Goal, or Destination You Won't Get There!

The weather here has been scorching hot and muggy but, I'm getting use to it and it doesn't feel as bad anymore.

I got the camera back from repairs right after my last email to you. We finished up and we left from the library to go home and I found it there. In the parcel I found my camera with a bag of BUFFALO JERKY from Trader Joe's. I read the note from Brittany where she commented on how an official introduction presented with a camera and beef jerky was acceptable... and I TOTALLY AGREE! Congratulations to Paul and Brittany!!! I found Brittany's way with words hilarious and truly enjoyable. I don't think she is going to need it but, she has my immediate stamp of approval. Any pending sister-in-law that wants to buy me jerky is more than welcome in the family.

This week all of the Zoneleaders, District Leaders and future Trainers (that would be me) are attending a four day long leadership training. We just finished the training an hour ago so that's why I haven't written until now. The purpose of the training is to bring us to a different stage of missionary work. After our training I wrote this down in my journal:
  • We must attempt to rise above ourselves. The competition we face is our own complacency.
  • We must lay behind ourselves our old selves along with our old weaknesses and fears, so that we don't have them to burden us while climbing up our ladder of improvement.
  • We must first realize that we have an infinite potential. Second, we must reach it.
  • No man has ever accomplished more than he dreamed of!
  • There must always be a dream, a goal, a destination in order to reach it. The sky is only our limit if we make it our limit, or we won't reach it otherwise.
  • If we fail to dream we end up earthbound, bound to suffer the fate of our dreamless brothers with no drive or passion. We must dream and rise to what God has in mind for us.

I know it's a little bit rough, but the idea is there and I had to write it down while I still remembered some of it.

Well, I'm out of time, gotta go! Love ya!

Elder Jepsen

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