Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 81 - My Responsibility to God and People is Far Greater Than to Time

Once again I'm back in the big city, if only for a short visit: I am here for leadership training and I suppose it is a fringe benefit of being a trainer but I am just thrilled that I get to go. I am surrounded by missionaries I can look up to and leaders I can learn from. Getting to go to a training session like this is just pure bonus. We are taught by accomplished people that have a lot to offer and share, making it difficult (well, impossible) to put all the benefits into words.

I do value time but time keeps flying by at an uncontrollable speed. I have to learn to accept the speed of time and do things at my speed and do them right. My responsibility to God and people is far greater than to time.

The temperature is dropping again and just beginning to climb below freezing. My companion (Elder Call) has never experienced anything colder than what he is feeling right now and he is getting cold. We have a lot of fun as I tease him about his electric blanket: "You know, my Grandma back in Denmark had an electric blanket too" But, he's no wimp, he answers right back "Well, she probably enjoyed it just as much as I do."

I really enjoy working with Elder Call, he has a good attitude and all the makings of a great missionary. We have a lot of fun and I have great hopes for him. I wish I could share all my greatest mission moments with him and then he could start from there on his mission.

Love you all

Elder Jepsen

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