Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 82 - New Truths in the Book of Mormon?

This week was absolutely amazing!! We shared a message about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a nice lady that we had met while she was working in her yard raking up leaves. Well, the leaves hadn't finished dropping and it was already impossible to see all the work she had done previously that week. We borrowed a couple of big rakes from our Bishop and helped her rake up her leaves. It turns out that she liked that and responded by taking us to Pizza Ranch (a pizza buffet place we really liked that)! While we were all busy and focused on doing what must be done with pizza, her daughter called and asked where she was at such an hour. Her daughter was concerned, seeing the house dark and nobody answering the phone. She responded with a smile: "I'm with two young Mormon men, so I'm perfectly safe." She is an absolutely wonderful person and we all had a enjoyable time.

This week I was back in the big city again for training. I still have so much to learn and time is only speeding up, so I really enjoy these training sessions and the opportunity to meet other missionaries and hear their ideas. It's good to meet up with old and new friends.

I can't help wondering if I will ever stop finding new truths in the Book of Mormon? I think that if people would only read it with an open heart, wanting to learn the many truths contained in the Book of Mormon and realize its full potential, we could quit teaching and spend all our time just scheduling and performing baptisms. I know, I am still young and feel inadequately equipped to be generalizing but, it seems to me that many of the big questions in life are addressed and answered in the Book of Mormon. All one has to do is read it with a sincere heart.

Love y'all

Elder Jepsen

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