Thursday, November 25, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 84 - Training Elder Lars Rickhard Horgmo from Southern Norway

Happy thanksgiving! We just returned from a very nice Thanksgiving dinner, all fueled up and ready to get lots of work done.

We have all sent our mails later this week because of Thanksgiving and transfer calls. Sorry for the delay but it was unavoidable.

Transfer calls happened this week: After completed training Elder Call was transferred to Brainerd, Minnesota. I’m staying and training, again. Once again my new companion is awesome and he’s from Norway! His name is Elder Lars Rickhard Horgmo and he’s from some place an hour away from Oslo.

Training takes effort but has great rewards: I consider it a blessing to train as it once again helps me remember the essentials of why we are here as missionaries and helps me find a renewed focus. The people prepared by the Lord for us to teach, are like treasures or gems of great value that we must find and teach with great care. It's of great importance that we carefully listen to the Spirit's promptings as we can never know exactly what has caused these people to open up their hearts to God. But, I'll forever treasure the rare and beautiful moments teaching someone who's ready to let God into their heart.

Since I am not allowed to open the Christmas package from you until December 1st, I have tugged it away out of sight and mind, so that I enter not into temptation. But, November will soon come to an end and I can rid myself of the suspense. Love you, Mom and Dad.

I’m so sorry to hear about your fall, Mom. I really hope that you get better soon.

Love y'all

Elder Jepsen

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