Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 98 - YES! I'm On a Mission... and I LOVE IT!

Elder Hoopes was transferred some weeks ago and now again our District was rearranged because of transfers. I really don't look forward to transfers at all, it changes my whole world around every time! I like the people I get to know around me, I just don't like goodbyes and I am almost dreading when I have to say goodbye to everybody some weeks from now! 

You learn to appreciate good food on a mission where the majority of meals rests on your own skills or lack thereof. I am so grateful to the many good Brothers and Sisters here that has kept us alive with wonderful home-cooked meals. You have been on missions and you too know how good food quickly becomes a precious commodity among missionaries. I can't wait to taste Mom's (and Dad's) cooking again. I miss Danish food! I miss Danish cheese, yogurt, Mom's bread, well--everything... and when I once again am back home with you all, I know I will miss everything here!

There is so much change up ahead and it's sometimes difficult to sort out my feelings about this particular time in life. I love the people here and serving God is a very gratifying experience as you see people's lives change when they recognize that God is indeed there, in their lives! I love it here and yet there is so much that I love at home and I also look forward to all the things I am to learn next. I miss you all at home but I am also going to miss everybody here and it's difficult to not feel a little torn up about it.

I love you!

Elder Jepsen

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