Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 100 - Seeking the Voice of the Spirit

We received a text Friday morning about the catastrophic conditions in Japan and then we began hearing about it from everybody else. The pain and horror that so many people in the world currently are going through is far beyond my vocabulary and I have no words for it. I feel like nothing I could say would help these many people in their suffering.

But, I can pray that we as a civilization remember these people as our Brothers and Sisters and that we are the helping hands that God has given these people in need. I can pray that we all remember that we all are our Brother's/Sisters keepers, making us part answers to the many prayers and cries for God's merciful interception. I've already heard many miraculous accounts testifying of His helping hands and comfort when situations went beyond any human reach but we all have some reach and with reach comes responsibility.

I am sorry to hear of Boulder's aging, I've missed him. I am surprised how few people know of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed. Well, I am looking forward to see and walk that handsome old dog again. Just Boulder, me and...        Don't worry, I'm not getting distracted and I'm not homesick! But, with only two weeks left of my mission it's probably nearly impossible to not think of those Danish shores, when writing home.

Our missionary efforts were well rewarded this past week and we had some good encounters with great people. I love doing missionary work but there is so much more work to be done. Being privileged with great leaders that I can look up to, surrounded by good people that I can trust and learn from, I am well aware that am not alone in this task. Yet I am not unaware that my responsibility rests on my shoulders. If I don't constantly seek God's directions in this and if I don't do the effort required to get the job done, I am still accountable for the opportunities given me to do so.

Looking toward the upcoming events in a few weeks from now, do you have any suggestions for how I should get from Billund Airport to home with my suitcases?

I love you and hope that you all are doing well!

Elder Jepsen

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