Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update on our Brothers and Sisters in Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

The lives of many good people changed in an instant around 2:46 PM (JST) March 11th 2011, when Northern Japan suddenly faced a massive 8.9 earthquake followed by blackouts, fires and devastating tsunami waves as high as 25 feet.

The biggest earthquake to ever hit Japan has brought down communication services throughout Northern Japan and left more than four million people without power. People, families and whole communities have been displaced, lost or killed--while roads, infrastructure, buildings and homes have been destroyed.

As our thoughts go out to our Brothers and Sisters in Japan let's not forget them in our prayers and individual abilities. This is a time to use what powers and strengths are at our disposal to lift those in need.

The LDS Disaster Response Team at Church Headquarters is monitoring the situation and has been in constant contact with the Asia North Area.

Leaders in all area offices are on high-alert, working with local leaders to contact and ensure the safety of all Brothers and Sisters. While the Tokyo temple has sustained minor damage, temple housing is used to house church members unable to return to their homes.

Contact with all Mission Presidents in Japan has been established and all missionaries are safe and accounted for, many helped by the efforts of local members. The last two missionaries in Sendai were located on Saturday evening. Missionaries in Japan living along coastal regions have been moved to inland locations and President Reid Tateoka of the Sendai mission is in contact with the Area Office where all employees are reported safe. All members of the Asia North Area Presidency and their families are safe.

LDS Church: All missionaries in Japan safe:

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LDS Press Release - Church’s Missionaries in Japan All Safe and Accounted For:

Families await word from LDS missionaries in Sendai:

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Japan Sendai Mission:

Police: Deaths in Japan's Miyagi may pass 10,000

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