Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 101 - I Am Coming Home!

This week we haven't spent as much time teaching as we would have liked. Our car has been in the shop for repairs and we were suddenly reminded of the state of our bikes: My bike is barely functional, ready for retirement after serving me well for many miles of missionary work and Elder Messengers bike, well--it's nobody's friend these days, demanding more money and repairs. Missionary work is hard on bikes but they sure earn their keep!

Doing missionary work on foot and bike is a whole different story than sitting in a warm and comfortable car that you just point in a desired direction and go. Reduced to the inherent limitations of using shoes as primary vehicles of transportation (well, and sometimes bikes when repaired), changes our expected travelling radius considerably. Suddenly we have to postpone many of our teaching plans as they are widely dispersed on the map and focus on finding new people within walking distance. Consequently, we knocked on a lot doors this week!

I was wondering how the whole "Airport pickup" would work out. The Bishop was my first idea as well but the Pedersen's is an absolutely amazing idea. She's like my other mother, "Mother two" or "Esbjerg Mom," so it's perfect! Please let her know that I would love to do some fireside thingy when I get back home.

I got the flight plans a little while ago and it looks like I'll be in Kastrup for a short brake Thursday morning before my flight to Billund. I assume that you have the flight plans as you have obviously made arrangements with Marie-Helene. I was wondering if you could update Paul, Brittany and Eric, see if they have time to come and see me while I'm waiting in Kastrup--if they're not busy. Maybe my time will all get eaten up with terminal hopping but I just don't like the idea of waiting for what would seem like eternities to see everybody again! I miss you all and I am looking forward to see you all. It's difficult to grasp that I'm coming home...

I have learned and experienced so much these last two years and I have only one week left. I'll do my best to be as diligent and effective as I can the last little while I have left. I am just not sure what to think of it! I've looked forward to return home, see you all again and I am ready for it to happen but I know that I will miss my mission. I'm so glad I did it! It's the best choice I've ever made and truly the best two years!

Love ya. See ya soon!

Elder Lee Jepsen

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