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The Denmark Copenhagen Mission

President Jens H Andersen and Sister Susanne D C Andersen  
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, missionary work naturally becomes a significant factor as the members want others to share in what has brought about changes in their own lives, for the better. According to 2010 statistics the church had 14,131,467 members around the world and included in that number was 52,483 missionaries distributed in 340 missions around the world. A great portion of those numbers can be attributed to missionaries serving on missions.

The Denmark Copenhagen Mission traces its humble beginning back to when Denmark in 1849 was allowed religious freedom. Missionary work officially began on June 14 1850, when Erastus Snow arrived and began serving as Denmark's first missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Less than two months after the arrival of Erastus Snow the first 15 people were baptized on August 12 in Oresund (the strait separating Denmark and Sweden). The first congregation was established September 15 that same year with approximately 50 members.

Peter O. Hansen had already begun translating the Book of Mormon in Nauvoo before departing for Denmark, allowing the completion and publishing already in 1851. Known as "Mormons Bog," this was the first translation from English to a foreign language of the Book of Mormon .

As missionary work spread through Denmark, persecution increased. The church was not understood or appreciated by all, in Aalborg a mob vandalized a hall where the members were meeting in 1851. Soon members began to emigrate, the first left January 31, 1852. Of the 26.000 people who were converted during this period, 13.984 converts immigrated to the United States by 1930. 

Today the Denmark Copenhagen Mission serves the areas of Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Most of the currently 72 (Dec 2011) missionaries are in the ares of Denmark and Iceland. Occasionally missionaries get to visit or are stationed on Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Denmark Copenhagen Mission President Jens Hjarup Andersen and Sister Susanne Duus Christensen Andersen, of the Allerod Ward, Copenhagen Denmark Stakebegan their mission back in 2010 and will be serving until 2013. Their family includes five children.

President Andersen was born in Helleruplund, Denmark, to Poul Borge and Kirsten Hjarup Andersen. He has in the past served as a Stake President, Stake Young Men President, Bishop and Counselor, Stake Mission President, Ward Mission Leader, missionary in the England Bristol Mission and as Coordinator in the Church Educational System.

Sister Andersen was born in in Helleruplund, Denmark  to Karl Johan Duus and Elisabeth Conradsen Christensen. She has in the past served as Relief Society President's Counselor, Young Women President and Counselor, Primary president's Counselor and Young Women's  President's counsellor.

Denmark Copenhagen Mission
Translation Division, Copenhagen Denmark
Deseret News Church Almanac

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